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Some introductory information


We play at Norton Canes Community Centre. Itís a parks pitch , but we get special treatment in that it is always cut well (well nearly always) and always lined exceptionally well. We have our own dressing room, which we have keys for, so itís a bit more than just a parks pitch. We must rope off the pitch and put up shelters, so we meet Step 7 ground requirements for the Saturday (1st team), but this is not required for the Sunday (2nd team).


The two teams play in the Staffordshire County Senior League (tier 13) and the Beacon League.

Both matches kick off after 2pm in the afternoon.


We train at Cardinal Griffin in Cannock (WS11 4AW). Tuesday nights. We meet at 8pm and start at 8:15. We work on grass till 9, then we have the whole of the ATP till 10. So we can work well on all aspects of training and tactics. This whole squad training, both 1st and 2nd together.


We are a private members club. There is some sponsorship, however the members cover the costs. Everyone pays a deposit of £30 and a sign on of £12. The £30 is returned if you leave, provided you donít owe anything and you have returned any club kit. Then you pay £12 a month membership. Plus £4 per game played. This is worked on how much pitch time you get, so that if you play 25 mins, you will only be billed for a quarter of a game (£1)


Players pay HALF the cost of any fine they receive. The full £10 if its for dissent. The same for red cards. You pay half, unless its for violence, spitting or dissent. So this means all in game incidents are shared with the club.


You are issued an invoice before the end of the month, via the internal players web area. The club rules say you pay this invoice by the 1st of the month and thatís that. Obviously if you fail to play, you automatically start to lose your deposit, but to be honest we have never had any problems in the past.


Club rules say that you must pay the deposit and sign on, before you can play. This is incase you pick up fines in the game.


You can join our Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/cannockunited/

Twitter at @cannockunitedfc


Our PUBLIC website which you can tell people to google is





The rules will explain that we have a bus (mostly). We meet at the Yew Tree in Norton to get on the bus at 12:00 (Saturday & Sunday). We sometimes do a pick up at Cardinal, and someti9mes on route. I am flexible with this, so long as its work that is stopping you get to the bus. The team bus is great for moral. 

Home games. Dressing BEFORE 13:00. Preferable earlier. The dressing rooms are open from 12:30 ish; Tea, Coffee is there, there is a great sandwich shop in the village, 100 meters away and a Subway and Co-op.


Our dressing room is ours only. We look after




Mark Taylor

07815 954 054

01543 271 858




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